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David Blaine: Coin Tricks

Coin Bite

The magician borrows a coin from the spectator and is seen to take a bite out of the coin.

Take a quarter and file one side of it down so it looks like someone has bitten a chunk out of it.

Approach a spectator and ask them to borrow a quarter. You have already the gimmicked quarter between your thumb and forefinger of your right hand. Take the quarter from the spectator and quietly move your finger and thumb and switch the coins. Their coin is now slid to the back of your finger. Pretend to be biting and tearing of a section of what is now your gimmicked coin and eventually tug it free from your mouth to show the spectator who should look amazed.

Vanishing Quarter

Appear to vanish a quarter through a table

A glass is covered with a paper tube. The glass and tube is then placed over a coin on the table. When the paper tube is removed, the coin has vanished and has actually travelled through the table.

You will need an ordinary glass.
Three sheets of white paper approx S inches by 12 inches.
Glue, scissors and a coin.
Place some glue round the rim of the glass and place the glass upside on a sheet of white paper and allow the glue to dry.
When the glue is dry, cut round the rim of the glass with the scissors so a paper circle covers the mouth of the glass.
Turn the glass upside down and wrap a second sheet of paper round it to from a loose fitting tube and glue this and allow to dry.
Place a coin on a third sheet of paper laid on the table and a second coin of the same value should be attached by tape or wax under the table.

Announce to a spectator that you are going to make a coin travel through a solid table. Take the paper tube and place it over the glass, which is already on the table upside down on top of the sheet of paper. Lift the tube-covered glass and place it over the coin with the glass still being upside down. Remove the tube from the glass and the coin appears to have disappeared. Give the tube to the spectator for inspection. The coin is actually under the paper rim of the glass, which is invisible as it is the same colour as the paper sheet on the table. If you wish to increase the effect you can reach under the table and remove the other coin and tell the spectator that the coin has actually travelled through the table.

Easy Coin Vanish

A coin is placed onto the table and it vanishes

Put the coin onto the table with your left hand. Say something like "check this out" and reach over with your right hand. Then press down on the coin with your middle, index and third finger with your hand and arm parallel with the table. Slide the coin towards you remembering that it should be completely covered up. Slide the coin off the table so it falls on your lap without the spectator seeing. Touch your thumb to your middle finger as if you are picking up the coin as it reaches the edge of the table. Keeping your fingers still closed, stare at where the coin should be as you slowly move your hand away from you back to about 6 inches from where the coin originally was. Start moving your thumb in a circular motion as if the coin is disappearing. Slowly turn your hand around and spread your fingers apart. Now the rest is up to you. The more surprised you act the more people will believe that they have seen a real coin vanish.

Minus Your Money

The magician clearly has three one-dollar bills and magically, one disappears leaving the two left untouched, right before the audience's baffled eyes!

Secretly take out of your pocket/purse a dollar bill and fold it over about two thirds across. Take another bill and place it over the crease of the fold hiding the fold from view. The two bills should now look somewhat like three-dollar bills.

Take the already set dollar bills in your hand and announce that you are about to do what most people dread, make your money disappear. Take the top of the two bottom edges of the dollar bill. When they are in between your thumb and pointer finger, shake the bill wildly so the top edge of the bill flops backwards making the folded bill unfold. Then, take your bills and show that three one-dollar bills have magically changed into two genuine dollar bills.

Swindled Coin

The performer removes a hand full of change from his left hand trouser pocket. He holds out the handful of change, along with a black maker, and tells the spectator to choose a coin, mark it with an X, and return it to the magicians left palm. The magician then takes the coin with his right hand, and returns the rest of the change to his left trouser pocket. The coin is then placed against the leg directly below the pocket. The coin is then rubbed into the cloth, whereupon the coin vanishes. It is found back inside the left pocket with the rest of the change.

After the spectator marks the coin, the right hand pretends to take it. In reality the coin is in your right hand covered up with another coin on top. Hold your hand in the air as if you have the coin. Hesitate for a second with your left hand so that the spectator can see that the marked coin in not in your left hand anymore (this way the spectator mentally concludes that the marked coin must be in your right hand). Place the rest of the change back into your pocket. Take the right hand and its supposed coin and place it against your leg, in the area of the left pocket. Now rub the imaginary coin into your leg. Then slowly part your right fingers to show that the coin has vanished. Reach into your left pocket and pull out the change. Ask the person what kind of coin they chose. They might say a quarter. Then go through the change and find the marked coin and put it on top and show the spectators.

Handkerchief And Coin Trick

The magician sticks the coin into the hanky, flips the handkerchief over and the coin disappears.

You secretly wrap a rubber band around your finger and thumb. Then you place the hanky in that hand. With your other hand place the coin in the hanky. Then let the rubber band slide off your fingers and onto the hanky so it surrounds the coin and it is under the hanky. Then you slide your hand up to the end of the hanky and give it a good shake. That makes it look like the coin disappeared. The coin is really held in the hanky by the rubber band, invisible to everyone as the hanky material surrounds it.

Palm Penetration

You ask the spectator to hold out his or her hand palm up. You in turn place your hand on top of theirs, palm down. With your other hand you place a quarter or other coin on top of your hand and explain to the spectator that with one quick slap of the coin you will make it pass through your hand and into theirs!

Materials Needed
2 identical coins, small piece of transparent adhesive tape or magician's wax, (for advanced magicians super fast sleight of hand will do)

When you place your hand on top of the spectators open hand, you will already have the coin in your palm. If you place your hand on theirs quickly enough, the coin will not fall nor will the spectator already feel it in their hand! You then place the other coin on top, on the back of your hand. On the palm of your hand, which is not touching the spectator, is where the tape or wax will be. Then with a quick motion, you smack the top of the coin, which actually gets stuck to the tape/wax. Slowly remove your other hand to let the surprised spectator see how it "magically" passed through your hand! For those advanced magicians out there (you know who you are) you can grab the quarter instead of using the tape/wax. If you do not wish to use the spectators hand you can do the same trick on your lap, but in their hand sells the trick much better.

French Drop!

Put your coin in your left hand. Not too hard. You can do it with your right hand. As your right covers your left, drop the coin, so it rests in your left palm. Keep the coin stuck in your palm, and make it look like the coin is in your right hand, but your lying. Its okay, this one won’t hurt you. Then, throw your "coin" at someone, and they will be stunned. Now, quickly make the coin really disappear! HEY! Okay everyone! Here's a cool, and very useful COIN TRICK: Sit at a table, without a weird edge, preferably, and take your coin (I suggest a quarter for most coin tricks) and place it on the table. Put your hand over the quarter and slowly slide towards you. When you reach the edge, with your hand still covering it, pretend to pick it up, but actually let it drop to your lap. Pretend to hold the coin, and then look like you will throw it in the air, or at someone, but it has disappeared! Suggestions, don't let anyone stand behind you, just let everyone sot down, somewhere, as long as they can’t look into your lap.

Coin to Biscuit

A borrowed, marked coin vanishes. Volunteer hands you a biscuit, and you eat up to halfway. The coin is seen in the middle of the biscuit. As the dealer ads. Would say - no duplicates, no fakes, no stooges, no specially prepared biscuits - NO PROBLEMS!

Borrow a coin from a member of the audience and get it marked. Vanish the coin in anyway you like. I personally like the bobo vanish. Retain the coin in your right hand as you show the left empty. If you have skills, show both hands empty. (I have customized a changeover palm to work with nearly any object, so try one for you!) With the coin in your right hand, ask the volunteer to give you a biscuit. Take this with your left hand. Whilst doing this, get the coin in the upper front finger clip. Pass the biscuit over into your right hand resting the biscuit on the coin.
Take the biscuit again with your left hand and press the coin flat against the back of the biscuit. Take a bite out of the biscuit, and push the coin up the back until it just sticks out the top. The owner will notice it, and you pull it out and hand it back, then eat the rest of the biscuit, and remove the coin, saying that a filling has come out, and show the coin!

Silk Handkerchief from Money

A bill is taken from your wallet, the bill is rolled into a tube shape, you reach into the rolled tube with fore finger and thumb and produce a small silk handkerchief, the bill is unrolled to show empty, then again rolled into a tube, the silk is pushed into the bill tube, once again the bill is unrolled to show empty, the hanky has vanished.

A Thumb Tip. A small silk Handkerchief that will fit into the thumb tip easily, and a dollar bill.

Load silk handkerchief in the thumb tip, when ready to perform push thumb into the thumb tip, take out wallet and remove the bill, show the bill, keeping thumb with tip behind the bill, roll the bill into a tube and around thumb tip, leaving the thumb tip in the rolled bill, reach in, slowly pull handkerchief from tube, display, push handkerchief back into the tube and into tip, push thumb into tip, steal tip from bill, unroll the bill revealing the handkerchief has vanished, return the bill to the wallet and put into pocket ditching thumb tip.

Hopping Quarter

Place a quarter in the palm of your hand, then quickly close your hands and ask the spectator which hand contains the quarter. They will always choose the wrong hand.

Turn your hands over quickly and secretly toss the quarter in the opposite
Once you perfect this it is unnoticeable and a great trick.

Coin in Wool

The performer makes a coin disappear and then reappear from centre of a ball of wool.

Vanish a coin in anyway you like (French drop, ect,). Then a coin tube is used to slide the coin into a ball of wool or yam (this is prepared ahead of time, and placed in the magician’s jacket). A spectator is asked to unravel the wool (after the magician places the coin in the slide, he secretly removes the slide and presents the wool). The coin is then presented.

Double Sided Coin

You make the spectator believe that you have a double-sided coin but it's really a regular coin!

In this trick you have a half dollar preferable or something that size. First you take the coin in your dominant had. Next you flip your hand over onto the other hand but as you do this you turn the coin over with your thumb so that the same side is up.

The DeManche Change

One coin turns into a completely different one!

You start with one finger palmed and held between your thumb and forefinger of the same hand. Move the coin in your forefinger into a thumb palm (as if closing a fist) and push the finger-palmed coin out with your thumb.

Angles are a killer so practice in front of a mirror! Also, this moue is great for switching a marked coin!

Falling Quarter
Take a quarter or other coin in your right hand. Turn to a member of the audience and ask them to stand. Hold the coin in your thumb and index finger, and say if when you count to three they can grab the coin, they can keep it. Raise the coin above your head and bring it down to the volunteer's open hand twice, counting each time aloud. On the third time lift the coin above your head and place it gently and subtly on top of your head. Bring your hand down as you did before to the level of your volunteer's open hand. They will make a swipe at the coin, but it will have vanished. Open both hands to show them its truly gone. Then tell them you'll bring back the coin. Hold their hand open and while their attention is directed to their own hand, tilt your head forward ever so slightly. The coin will drop into their hand, seemingly out of the sky.

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