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David Copperfield: Floating Rose

You probably seen David Copperfield do dancing paper & floating rose in his TV special. You take a piece of paper, give form to it, and on your command the paper floats in the air, it also moves. You can do it with your hands in your back! After, you take the paper, give it the shape of a rose, and magically the rose float in the air. You set fire to the paper rose and it transform into a real rose!!!

You need to buy some "invisible thread." Take one single strand of the thread and attach two pieces of tape, one at each end. On one end wad it up into a ball. On the other end, attach to anything. You also need some flash paper with which to make the rose. You will need a real rose, concealed in your left pocket and a lighter.

First, Put the balled up tape end of the invisible thread in your mouth. Then make a rose out of the flash paper. Step back until the thread becomes tight (you can tell because the tape in your mouth will start to come out). Now place the paper rose on the thread, engaging it under one of the petals, and viola! You now are floating a paper rose! You can move it by simply moving your body. Now for the switch. Your body should be with the right side to the audience, and the left side hiding the rose. With your right hand, reach for a lighter (preferably a Zippo) and light it. Bring it under the paper rose, but DO NOT ignite it. This is misdirection while your left hand grabs the real rose. With the rose in your hand, light the flash paper, and bring your left hand up to the same position as the paper rose. The appearance will be that the paper rose turned into a real rose! Take a bow, and throw the rose into the audience.

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