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Cup Through Table

Effect: A cup or glass vanishes when wrapped in a sheet of paper.

Secret: A piece of paper wrapped around the cup or glass will retain the shape of the cup – even after the magician has secretly dropped the cup into his lap.

Props: A cup or glass, any small object and a sheet of newspaper or tissue paper.

Preparation: Select a piece of newspaper slightly larger than the cup so that it will cover it completely with some overlap.

Presentation: Place the cup over any small object and wrap the paper around it. Ask the audience what is under the cup. Everyone will, of course, suspect that you are about to vanish the object. Lift the paper and cup to reassure everyone that the object is still on the table. Moving the wrapped cup slightly towards you, just clear of the table relax your hold so that the cup is allowed to quietly drop into your lap, out of sight of the audience, of course, whose attention is still focused on the object.The paper will retain the shape of the cup. When you again place the paper over the object, you must maintain the illusion that you are replacing both paper and cup. Wave your hand mysteriously over the "cup" and claim that you will make the object vanish. When you lift the "cup" the object is still there. Remove the object but replace the "cup". Tell the audience that something must have gone wrong and you are unable to vanish the object, so you have decided to vanish the cup instead! At that moment dramatically smash your hand down onto the paper which will flatten, giving the appearance that the "cup" has penetrated the table. Bring the cup from under the table (removing it from your lap, in one smooth movement) and replace it on the table.

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