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Ring On

Effect: A ring is magically threaded on a string.

Secret: Place the string and ring supplied on a table, together with a safety pin and a handkerchief. Cover the string, ring and pin with the handkerchief. Allow the ends of the string to remain visible at all times. Place your hands beneath the handkerchief and push the centre of the string through the ring. Open the pin then close it so it goes around the right side of the loop and the rest of the string (see figure 1). Put your left forefinger into the loop (see figure 2). Remove your right hand and lift up the right end of the string and ask someone to hold it. At the same time move your left hand along the string (keeping your finger in the loop) until you reach the end. Remove the handkerchief and show that the ring and pin are now on the string (see figure 3).

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