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Sticky Wand

Effect: This effect is similar to "Palm the Wand" but takes a little more practice to do it correctly.

Secret: A combination of holding the wand or pencil in different ways will give the impression that it has become magnetized and is sticking to your fingers magically.

Presentation: Hold the wand between your hands (see figure 1). Lift one thumb (see figure 2). The audience will still think that your other thumb is holding the wand. Then lift the second thumb (see figure 3). They will be amazed! Study figures 4 and 5 and you will see how the trick is achieved. Carefully interlace your fingers so that one is folded inside your palms (see figure 4). The wand is held behind this hidden finger (see figure 4). Pull your hands apart quickly and let the wand fall when the trick is over.

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