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Reverse Loops

Effect: A cord, coiled around a magic wand or pencil and tied through a ring, is pulled free of the wand and yet the ring remains securely tied.

Secret: As you wind on the cord, you secretly reverse the direction.

Props: A magic wand or pencil, a ring and a length of cord.

Preparation: Practise coiling the cord around the wand until you can do it without hesitation.

Presentation: Take the cord and wind it around the magic wand in one direction for the loops then stop as if counting the loops with the first finger of the hand that is holding the wand. Leave the tip of the finger on the wand, just past the third loop (see illustration). Then add three more loops but in the reverse direction. Practise this carefully and try to get the ends of the cords to hang down about the same lengths. Cover all of the loops with your free hand, now have someone tie a ring to the two loose ends of the cord. As you say a magic word, have him pull straight down and the cord will come free from the wand.

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