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Ring And String

Effect: A ring threaded onto a loop is released, although a spectator is holding the string.

Secret: Read PREPARATION carefully to see how you can solve this puzzle.

Props: Any ring and one cord.

Preparation: Get someone to help you practice this item before presenting it. Tie one piece of cord into a loop (circle). Slide the ring onto one end of the loop. Have your friend hold up his fingers. Put each end of the loop over one finger (see figure 1) but not too tight. Take a section of this cord and make another loop over the finger on the other side of the ring (see figure 2). Be sure you put the second loop below the first loop on the finger. Take the original loop and carefully lift it above the finger (see figure 3). Tell the holder to tighten up on the cord. As he does, you let go of your loop. The ring will fall free even though the string is still on his fingers. You will have to practice this a number of times before you can expect to do it smoothly.

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